Puzzle Boxes: The Devils and Dragons Within

Dark continents, lost worlds, unexplored temples and mystical artifacts have captured the imagination of readers and movie goers for generations. From Indiana Jones to Hellraiser, we are fascinated by secrets, the unknown and the forbidden. Puzzle boxes give us the rare opportunity to capture and present the unknown in our home or office.

Puzzle Box from Hell Raiser Image

Hell Raiser Puzzle Box "Lament Configuration"

Puzzle boxes have been around for centuries in various forms, but the Drakyn puzzle boxes are inspired by “Drakyn”, a new fantasy novel in the works by Bruce MacKay.

While each and every Drakyn puzzle box is unique, they do fall into one of four general design categories.

Arcane Puzzle Boxes

The Drakyn guard their most valued secrets and possessions in puzzle boxes bound by the arcane knowledge of the ancients.  The Drakyn craftsmen are masters of misdirection and subterfuge.  It is rare to find an Arcane puzzle box not in the possession of a Drakyn.  They do not part with them readily.  Consequently very little is known of the secrets of their binding.  To embark on such research is both dangerous and challenging.


The Mystical puzzle boxes are the product of sorcerers and their apprentices who seek to emulate the Arcane designs of the Drakyn.  The mystical boxes require cunning and patience but can be opened by mortals with sufficient study.


Some puzzle boxes are nothing more than mere parlor curiosities designed to tease and amuse.  Like lingerie, their mystery is in the presentation.  They are meant to be easily solved and their beauty appreciated.


Earthly wooden boxes share the balance and symmetry of their more advanced cousins, with one significant difference:  the instructions for use state simply, “Grasp the lid and open”.

The Drakyn puzzle boxes are as delightful to view as they are to hold, even if you’re not up for the challenge of opening one. They tantalize the brain, excite the imagination, stimulate the nose and are soothing and warm to the touch.

The initial lineup of puzzle box offerings will be announced and made available through this site in June, 2012.   Keep your eyes open for sneak previews in the weeks ahead.

If you enjoy puzzle boxes, you are no doubt familiar with the long standing legacy of the very fine Japanese craftsmen at IZUMIYA. Their work is unparalleled. Do pay them a visit.